Alon Kaplan


Alon Kaplan

Dr. jur. Alon Kaplan Advocate & Notary, LLM (Jerusalem), PhD (Zurich), TEP  

Founder & Managing Partner

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Dr. Alon Kaplan, LLM (Jerusalem), PhD (Zurich), TEP, President of STEP Israel, was admitted to the Israel Bar in 1970, was appointed a notary in 1989, and practices law in Tel Aviv. He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1990 and became a Member of the Frankfurt Bar Association in 2010.

Among the founders of STEP Israel, he has taught in the LLM program at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law and is today a Lecturer and Academic Coordinator of the STEP Diploma Course at that institution.

He has served as Deputy Chairman of STEP’s Development Committee, is an Academician of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law, and has advised the Israel Tax Authority on trust legislation.

He is General Editor of Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions (4th edition, April 2016, Globe Law and Business), and is the Israel Country Correspondent for Oxford Journals’ Trusts and Trustees. He is author of Trusts in Israel: Development and current practice (2015 Helbing Lichtenhahn Verlag) and Trusts and Estate Practice in Israel (2016 Juris Publishing).

Alon is also a Member of the Board of IMPACT a charitable trust that awards scholarships to IDF soldiers who have completed their term of duty.

He has been an active member of the society of friends of Weizmann Institute of Science since 1999 and in November 2016 was appointed a member of the International Board of the Weizmann institute.