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The Rise of freedom of estate planning. When will it fall?

Alon Kaplan and Lyat Eyal
[No Tags] | November 2015
Freedom of succession has created many discussions over the past few months for estate and trust professionals. This is mainly due to the EU Regulation, which for many is a significant development towards freedom of succession. Israel is a country of immigration and emigration. As movement of individuals between different jurisdictions is relatively simple, and the global world is relatively small, individuals tend to travel, and change their jurisdiction of residence (or domicile, as the different jurisdictions may permit), with assets and family members in different countries subject to different laws. This makes estate planning and, later, implementation of the plan complicated. The EU Regulation aims to resolve some of these issues.

Trust and Foundation under Israeli Law: So Different, yet the Same for Tax Purposes

Alon Kaplan and Lyat Eyal
[No Tags] | July 2015
This article treats the Israeli Hekdesh coupled with an Israeli underlying company as a foundation. It summarizes the taxation of foundations and trusts in Israel, as well as the main provisions of the relevant legislation as revised in 2013 which is now final and effective. The article then continues to discuss the appointment of protectors under Israeli law. Finally, the article provides for an interpretation of the arbitration law as it relates to foundations and trusts.


Alon Kaplan & Shlomo Kerem.
[No Tags] | May 2015

Cross-Border Estate Planning – The Israeli Angle

Alon Kaplan and Lyat Eyal
[No Tags] | January 2015
Winter 2015, Vol. 48, No.4