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Multi-jurisdictional pre-immigration planning

Alon Kaplan, Ed Powles, Emma-Jane Weider, Lyat Eyal, Robert Santia, Rachel Blumenfeld, Stanley A. Barg & Eric Dorsch
Company, corporation, Immigration, Aliyah, Succession, inheritance, Taxation of Trusts | September 2017
Political changes worldwide, results of general elections such as in the USA or UK, and various changes in the relevant jurisdictions, including relating to tax payments, or amendments to tax benefits, result in greater movement of individuals between various countries. While not all immigration/emigration is tax related, professionals are seeing immigration to jurisdictions granting tax benefits, and emigration from those countries, amending their advantageous regimes. In addition, although outside the scope of this article, certain jurisdictions grant citizenship rights coupled with certain investment opportunities in those jurisdictions.

International Succession Laws

Alon Kaplan
Estate, Succession, inheritance, Trust, trustee | May 2017
Books – Contribution of chapters on Israel

Planning and Administration of offshore and onshore trusts

Alon Kaplan
Estate, Tax, tax planning, Trust, trustee | May 2017
Books – Contribution of chapters on Israel

International Encyclopedia of Agency and Distribution Agreements

אלון קפלן
Agency | May 2017
Books – Contribution of chapters on Israel

Israeli Family Offices

Alon Kaplan, Lyat Eyal, Ori Ephraim
Estate, Prenuptial agreements, marital agreements | March 2017

Corporate Law in Israel

Alon Kaplan, Lyat Eyal and Diana Apelboim Ladovsky
[No Tags] | January 2017