Trust, trustee


pleased to invite you to a Virtual launch event of the book: Life Cycle of Family Businesses 17th March 2021 - 11:00 am EDT, 17:00 Tel Aviv
Israel has been ‘home’ for many international families with a connection to the country both from an emotional “sense of belonging” as well as from a financial perspective “the start-up Nation” and involvement of international large companies such as Intel, Google Apple and Facebook.
The issue of blind trusts has recently been placed on the Israeli public agenda by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he requested permission of the Authorisations Committee of the Israel Securities Authority to make several changes to the makeup of his investment portfolio. The issue of blind trusts has also been discussed in the US with respect to the many assets held by unsuccessful presidential candidate Mitt Romney outside US borders. US media have suggested that such a blind trust is a deception, as the role of trustee is held by Mitt Romney’s personal attorney. The reasoning behind a blind trust, of course, is to prevent situations that may cause a conflict of interest for politicians regarding management of assets in their possession upon assuming elected position
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